Foldable & Rotatable Phone Stand

SKU: 66930
  • Foldable design for convenient storage and portability
  • 360°rotatable base for ultimate flexibility viewing position
  • Dual adjustable points for maintaining comfortable visual experience
  • Made from lightweight, high-strength aluminum for strong stability
  • Hollowed-out ventilation design to accelerate heat dissipation
  • Maximum load up to 300g

360° Rotatable Base & Fully Adjustable Viewing Angle

Verbatim’s Phone Stand features a 360°rotatable base and dual adjustment points, providing ultimate flexibility in viewing positions for your device. Allowing your eyes to work at a horizontal level and reducing shoulder and neck pressure, improving your posture. The stand folds flat for ultimate grab and go portability and convenience.

Lightweight & High-strength aluminum for strong stability

The Stand is made from lightweight, high-strength aluminum, it is sturdy enough to accommodate larger phones without shaking during swiping. The stand also includes silicone grips to provide extra stability for your table, protecting your device from sliding & slipping and eliminating scratches on desk surfaces.

Hollowed-out ventilation design to accelerate heat dissipation

The hollowed-out ventilation design at the back accelerates heat dissipation speed for better air circulation and ventilation during use. Compatible with the majority of mainstream phone models (up to 300g).


  • Max. Load: 300g
  • Product Dimensions:110.9 x 68.1 x 38.9 mm
  • Product Weight:123g
  • Materials : Aluminum Aloy, Steel, Silicone